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Campaign materials

The following documents are intended for members, branches and local associations across all sectors of the union. The materials include advice for branches/LAs and templates of various campaigning materials that can be adapted for local use.

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v-small twitter white 24x24 You can also follow the UCU anti-casualisation committee on Twitter: @UCUAnti_Cas

Campaign pack

'I support secure employment' poster [23kb]

Hourly-paid staff leaflet [271kb]

Anti-casualisation poster [51kb]

Researchers' leaflet [99kb]

Zero-hours leaflet [32kb]

Zero-hours poster [26kb]

Charter for the treatment of casualised staff [116kb]

Advice for manager members in HE

Advice to UCU members who manage research staff [37kb]

Advice for research managers employing fixed-term research staff [207kb]

Advice for academic managers employing hourly-paid teaching staff [65kb]

General branch resources

FE local anti-casualisation newsletter [75kb]
HE local anti-casualisation newsletter [75kb]

Building effective local campaigns against casualisation: a branch rep's guide, Jun 15 [281kb]

Ending zero-hours contracts in further and higher education: a UCU bargaining & campaigning pack, Nov 14 [344kb]

Template: UCU survey of hourly paid and zero hours staff [160kb]

Template: UCU survey of research staff [179kb]

Note to branches on recruiting and negotiating on behalf of staff on casual contracts

Collective grievance guidance [180kb]
Collective grievance guidance [174kb]

Advice to branches/LAs on fixed-term and hourly paid representatives

The Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000
see also: UCU commentary on the part-time workers' regulations

The Fixed Term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002
see also: UCU commentary on the fixed-term employees' regulations

advice on written particulars of employment

See also:

HE branch campaign resources

Stamp Out in FE

Campaign and recruitment downloads

Leaflet to recruit hourly-paid staff [41kb]

Leaflet to recruit researchers [41kb]

a letter template to VC/principal on the Stamp Out campaign [219kb]

a template for a local leaflet on anti-casualisation [211kb]

a template for a local petition [224kb]

a template for requesting members' help with the campaign [218kb]
a leaflet requesting members' help with the campaign [141kb]

a template for a survey of hourly paid staff [219kb]

a template to illustrate to differences in terms and conditions between salaried and hourly paid staff [210kb]

Template workshop presentations:

Researchers' workshop presentation [370kb] Researchers' workshop guidance notes [33kb]

Hourly-paid workshop presentation [320kb] Hourly-paid workshop guidance notes [33kb]

Know your rights card

Available to order via Martin Whelton (please provide postal address and quantities wanted):

Stamp Out - know your rights card see a preview of the card [41kb]

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UCU/NUS Postgraduate Charter

Early Careers Guide

Other resources

There are also branch/LA resources available on the website on:

that can be used in a local anti-casualisation campaign.

Last updated: 4 December 2015