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Policy and research from UCU on the funding of UK post-16 education.

Higher technical education consultation

The Department for Education are consulting on improving higher technical qualifications in England.

The Augar review

UCU response to the May 2019 Augar review of post-18 education sector and the funding issues it faces.

T level funding consultation

The government are consulting on their proposed funding for the delivery of new T Level qualifications.

2015 spending review and autumn statement

UCU briefing on the 2015 spending review announcements on 25 November.

Public funding for higher and further education: resource benchmarking across education sectors in the UK

A report by London Economics for UCU looking at the balance of public and private funding for further and higher education across the UK.

The case for a business education tax

UCU's Business Education Tax (BET), first launched in 2009, is the first coherent attempt at making business pay its way for the numerous benefits it gets from UK higher education.

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The funding of further and higher education

UCU policy on the current funding situation in HE and FE throughout the UK.

Chancellor's red budget box

Budget 2014

Looking at the implications for UCU members of the coalition's March 2014 budget.

Towards a UCU policy on professionalism

The sectors in which UCU members work are littered with the corpses of failed attempts at institutionalisation and regulation (or de-regulation) of professional requirements and recognition.