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Equality and widening participation

UCU policy and research on widening participation in post-16 education.

Post-qualification admissions reform

UCU's response to the UK government review of the higher education admission system in England.

Post-qualifications applications: how we can make it work

After the UK government announced in early 2021 that it was undertaking a review of the higher education admission system in England, Professor Graeme Atherton illustrates that with the necessary political commitment, investment, time and innovation it is possible to introduce a PQA system and give students the power to fully control their journey into HE.

DfE review of post-16 qualifications L3 and below

UCU's response to the Department for Education review of post-16 qualifications L3 and below.

Staying Power

This report is written by Dr Nicola Rollock for UCU. It describes the career experiences and strategies of UK black female professors.

Post-qualification application: a student-centred model

This report written by Dr. Graeme Atherton and UCU describes a student-centred higher education admissions system which enables students to make the best decisions possible about their higher education destinations.

Investigating higher education institutions and their views on the Race Equality Charter

A UCU report by Professor Kalwant Bhopal and Clare Pitkin. The report explores the impact of the race equality charter mark (REC) on equality and inclusion in higher education institutions in England.

Post-qualification admissions - how it works across the world

This study compares how the organisation of the system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland compares to that in 29 countries across the world with particular reference to our reliance on 'pre-qualifications admission'.

Statement on additional learning support

A joint statement from UCU and Disability Rights UK (DRUK) on additional learning support.

'Securing student success' consultation

UCU responded to a Department for Education consultation for the new Office for Students on a new regulatory framework for HE in England.

Black and minority ethnic doctoral students' perceptions of an academic career

Research by Dr Jason Arday to explore the experiences of BME doctoral students and the impact of these on their perceptions of the attractiveness of an academic career.