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Framework negotiators' resources

This page has been set up to provide easy access to materials for use in local pay and grading negotiations.

Useful information for negotiators is listed below and this information will be updated as necessary.

Key commitments

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Contribution pay

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Hourly paid pay rates

In post-92 institutions the pay of an hourly paid lecturer is linked to that of a full-time lecturer using the Framework Agreement pay scale. This agreement provides incremental progression and the prospect of progression between grades for hourly paid lecturers who in future should be graded as lecturers in exactly the same manner as their full time colleagues.

There is no equivalent national agreement in the pre-92 sector; however UCU does require all hourly-paid staff to be included in Framework Agreement implementation and for rates of pay to relate to the new pay and grading structures.

See the following UCU documents:

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Role analysis and job evaluation

See 'Job evaluation & equal pay ' for detailed negotiating advice on the introduction of role analysis and job evaluation, including the use of the national library of academic role profiles.

Some branches and local associations are reporting difficulties gaining access to job evaluation and role analysis data. This is currently of particular concern in some pre-1992 sector institutions in relation to the results of JE schemes for academic-related staff. UCU has put together advice on how to deal with a refusal by employers to disclose requested JE and role analysis data:

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Finance and pay datafiles

UCU's higher education employment team can provide a finance and pay datafile for individual institutions. These datafiles show the institution's income, expenditure and average academic pay over the past three years, plus data on funding council & fee income for the coming year. 

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Local employment datafiles

UCU's higher education employment team can also provide a local employment datafile for individual institutions. This gives information on total academic staff numbers at an institution, the gender breakdown, the proportion on fixed term and part-time contracts, job grades, age bands, cost centre staffing and ethnicity. 

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HEI income - LA briefing

A presentation given to former AUT LAs showing the breakdown of HEI income is now available below. 

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Framework Agreement and associated documents

Key AUT documents

Key NATFHE documents

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Last updated: 9 March 2021