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UCU comment ahead of Prime Minister's universities speech

19 February 2018 | last updated: 26 February 2018

Speaking ahead of the Prime Minister's speech this afternoon about higher education funding, UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said:

'The Prime minister can complain about how we have one of the most expensive systems of university tuition in the world, but it was the Conservatives that introduced it and without a radical look at the whole system little can really change. Worryingly, this review already looks like little more than finding new ways to cut spending on universities. Linking the price of some degrees to earnings is deeply flawed and fails to acknowledge the many factors which affect graduate income.

'Plans to boost vocational learning will fail unless the government is willing to invest in colleges and reverse damaging cuts which have weakened the further education sector. Instead of exploring ways to tweak the existing broken system, the review needs to find ways to ensure our colleges and universities are properly funded. Students also need to be able to study without taking on mountains of debt and the government must look at reintroducing grants for students while they study.'