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UCU calls for radical overhaul of student fees system

16 February 2018 | last updated: 26 February 2018

UCU says any review of student funding must be radical and explore genuine alternatives to the current system.

Speaking ahead of an expected review of student funding, originally announced by the prime minister in October, the union's general secretary Sally Hunt said it was time for business to start paying its way.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: 'If this review is to serve any purpose then it needs to be radical and explore genuine alternatives to the current system, not just tinker at the edges of the current failed system. Too often recent reviews have simply resulted in finding new ways to saddle students with record levels of debt.

'We want a proper debate with education as a public good at its heart. For too long business has enjoyed all the benefits of highly-skilled graduate workforce without paying its fair share. Reversing recent cuts in corporation tax would free up money to fund students' fees, bring back maintenance support and still leave the UK with a competitively low rate of corporation tax.'