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Covid-19 (coronavirus):
UCU has produced advice for members. Read the latest UCU operational note here.  Find more information and updates here.

Courses in the North West region

UCU reps

Three day course for all new UCU reps and branch officers, with a second three day module for caseworkers.

Health and safety reps

Course for all new and existing health and safety reps who have received no training

Trade unions and the environment

Course for UCU members and reps on climate change and ways to protect the environment.

Risk assessment: A safe return, 15 22 October & 5 Nov 2020, Online

This online course has been designed for Reps who are looking to better understand the risk assessment process. The course will take account of the pandemic, look at how current Health and Safety legislation can help and discuss strategies for involving members.

Mental health is a trade union issue

One day course is designed for reps who want to develop and understanding of why mental health is a trade union issue.

Introduction to pensions

Two day course for existing pensions reps or other branch reps or officers offering support to members with pensions enquiries.

Introduction to UCU Learning Reps: Role and functions, 1, 8, 15, December 2020, Online

This online introduction to the role of the learning rep in UCU is open to all new learning reps and those in the branch who may have an interest in taking on the role. The course will look at your rights to time off, the parameters of the role and how you can develop the role within the branch.

Equality reps

Course aimed at UCU equality officers and reps and other branch officers on using equality legislation.

Effective negotiating & bargaining

Course for reps and officers involved in branch negotiations to increase their understanding and confidence to better represent UCU members on collective issues