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Courses in the Eastern & Home Counties region

Courses for activists and branch reps and activists running in the Eastern & Home Counties region.

If there are no dates listed for the course you'd like to attend, or if you'd like to be made aware of further dates, please register your interest here.

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Challenging and handling redundancies: October 2021

The threat of redundancy is ever present, as a union we need to be able to challenge the management narrative that cutting staff is the answer. This course is aimed at reps who are or are likely to be involved in challenging redundancies and/or supporting members facing redundancy.

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Challenging sexual harassment in the workplace: December 2021

This course is aimed at branch reps who may be dealing with individual harassment/sexual harassment cases, negotiating around policies that protect members or wish to challenge harassment, in particular sexual harassment more broadly in the workplace.

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H&S 1 - induction: November & December 2021

This online course forms the first part of UCU's health and safety training programme. This course is for new health and safety reps, those who have been in the role sometime but have never been trained, along with those in the branch who want to further understand the role, and legislation that enables health and safety reps to hold institutions to account.

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Risk assessment: a safe way of working: October 2021

This online course has been designed for Reps and activists who are looking to better understand the risk assessment process. The course will take account of the pandemic, look at how current Health and Safety legislation can help, and discuss strategies for involving members.