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Lifelong learning must be placed at the forefront of education policy, says UCU

1 August 2019 | last updated: 6 August 2019

Welcoming an interim report from the Labour party's lifelong learning commission, UCU said the opportunity to learn throughout life is fundamental to society and should be placed at the forefront of education policy.

UCU head of policy and campaigns Matt Waddup said: 'The importance of lifelong learning for both individuals and our society is huge, yet in recent years opportunities have shrunk rather than expanded. The opportunity to learn throughout life is a fundamental right and should be central to any national education service. This interim report adds to the many recent calls for a proper focus on, and investment in, the sector and places lifelong learning at the forefront of the debate around the need for reform.

'Everyone, regardless of age, background or finances should be able to access the learning they need and it should be a priority for this, or any future, government to develop a vision for an education system which truly works for everyone and we look forward to seeing how the final report puts this vision into reality.'