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The university has developed role profiles which are substantially different to the national role profiles. How do we persuade them to use the national profiles?

The national role profiles have been developed over a number of years with the involvement of the academic trade unions have been thoroughly tested in institutions using both HERA and HAY. From the testing we know that the profiles are distinct enough to each represent a different grade (within each job family), that the weighting of the profiles at each level is the same across the 3 job families and that the academic profiles read across to the UCU generic academic-related profiles.

To depart radically from the national profiles is to abandon all of the work, research and testing that has gone into the development of the national role profiles. This work will have to be (needlessly) replicated at local level. It would also mean that the library of academic-related profiles would not be able to be used and again further work, research and testing would need to be carried out in relation to the academic related profiles to ensure that they read across to the academic profiles.

Using local profiles that differ extensively from the national role profiles may not support a 5 grade grading structure for academic and academic related staff (as per the model in appendix C of the framework agreement as modified by the MoU).

It would also mean that the institution would be out of step with the majority of universities and that potential staff will not be able to easily understand what is expected of them at each grade. It could also put the institution at a disadvantage in relation to recruitment and retention compared with other institutions who are using the national role models.

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