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Are there differences in the way the framework agreement is applied in the pre and post-92 university sector?

Although there is no MoU in the post-92 sector the UCU have worked on the principle of no detriment in all sectors. In the post-92 sector the UCU has successfully achieved the model grading structure at Appendix C of the framework agreement, or an improved variant thereof, in all agreements. In the pre-92 sector, the UCU has secured grading structures that are no worse - for current or new staff - than the equivalent previous grading models.

In both sectors the UCU has negotiated hard to ensure that all members benefit from the framework agreement - including those on hourly paid contracts or 'spot rates'.

The UCU has a process of national ratification of all agreements and all agreements then need to be endorsed locally by members before formal agreement is reached with the employer.

There have been different tension points between the UCU and the employers in the two sectors but in principle the application is the same.

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