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Special FE sector conference - pay and bargaining: April 2015

Special FE sector conference called for 18 April 2015: please note that there was an insufficient number of registered delegates present on the day to enable the conference to be quorate. Therefore the conference was unable to open and no business was conducted.

Conference business

The business of the conference, as determined by the resolution of the further education committee, is:

  1. the AoC's initial response to this year's pay claim
  2. ideas for the  implementation of the 'national plus' strategy
  3. national oversight of local bargaining
  4. formulating a pay campaign strategy for 2015/16 as early as possible.  

No other business may be transacted at this special conference (rule 16.10).

Key documents:

FE Special sector conference, 18 April 2015: including agenda and motions
UCU656.html | UCU656.rtf

Report of the Conference Business Committee
UCU653.html | UCU653.rtf

Calling notice
UCU637.html | UCU637.rtf

Last updated: 29 October 2019