Important All guidance is continually under review. Please contact your branch or regional office if faced with an urgent issue.

Covid-19 - branch guidance

Covid-19 branches resources

Advice and guidance for branches on functioning during the Covid-19 crisis.

Risk assessments

New UCU guidance has gathered together information on emerging Covid-19 risk factors to support branches in updating risk assessments. UCU will further update its guidance in response to any announcements over re-opening education settings.

Member support

See detailed guidance and resources for branches in supporting their members.

Press work

As part of the union's campaign to protect our members health and safety during the Covid-19 crisis we are trying to highlight any examples of bad practice from employers, as well as any wins branches gain locally. Please read this guide to help generate press coverage of Covid-19 health and safety issues: Covid-19 - branch press work [229kb]


In these uncertain times the power of belonging to a union is more critical than ever. We've produced a set of materials to help with your online or offline recruitment campaigns:


We published detailed guidance for UCU branches on how to engage with employers and ensure that any new working arrangements and other measures protect staff and respect their rights:

Updated Covid-19 guidance for branches - Jan 21 [180kb]

Covid-19 branch bargaining advice, Sep 20 [273kb]

Covid-19 crisis: branch bargaining guidance [290kb]

See also:

Branch health & safety note [207kb]

We will continue to update this advice when necessary and provide support for branches with any specific local challenges they face.

Covid-19 negotiation and review cycle  

Covid-19 branch escalation steps

Reopening university campuses

Reopening of campuses - guidance for HE branches [233kb]
Roadmap for a safe return to university campuses - infographic [557kb]

Reopening colleges

Advice to FE branches to inform discussions with employers about returning to the workplace [220kb]
Covid-19 hazards and controls in FE [237kb]
Covid-19 - FE's five Ws, May 20 [178kb]

Protecting jobs in higher education

Looking at the report from London Economics commissioned by UCU to try and get a sense of the scale of the likely impact of the Covid-19 crisis on higher education, and suggestions for branches on how to use the report findings at a local level: Protecting jobs in HE from the impact of Covid-19 [160kb]

    Union democracy

    Guidance for the conduct of union business by branches and regions/devolved nations during the Covid-19 pandemic:

    Democratic continuity: advice for branches, regions/devolved nations [234kb]

    See also:

    Last updated: 12 July 2021