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Covid-19 FE

Information for FE members

Covid-19 crisis information and advice for member working in further education.

UCU's further education committee met in April 2020 and agreed a statement on the Covid-19 crisis, which can be read here.

See also: Colleges need to guarantee staff will not 'face any financial detriment' due to coronavirus


UCU response to prime minister's statement
Awarding qualifications in 2021
Critical worker status in FE in Wales: guidance [103kb]
Critical worker status in FE in England: guidance [106kb]
Government told education staff must be prioritised in Covid vaccine rollout
UCU calls for BTECs and vocational exams to be cancelled
Updated guidance on your health and safety rights in FE

Information and template letters for individual members with Covid-19 safety concerns asked to return to onsite working
UCU takes legal action against on campus health and safety

Health and safety in reopened colleges

FE specific advice

Critical worker status in FE in Wales: guidance [103kb]

Critical worker status in FE in England: guidance [106kb]

FE workplace return negotiating guidance [220kb]

Covid-19 - FE joint unions five tests, May 20 [153kb]

Covid-19 - FE's five Ws, May 20 [178kb]

UCU FE letter: onsite return negotiations, May 20 [157kb]

Agreed protocols for a return to face-to-face working in FE in Wales

Has the government issued any specific advice for colleges and universities?

My university or college has asked me to provide online learning or supervision to students?

I am on a casual contract, what are my rights if classes do not take place?

I have been asked to record a lecture or class for playback off campus to students?

I am an international member of staff or student on a visa. How would non-attendance due to coronavirus affect me?

I am due to travel outside the UK as part for my work. What should I do?

Am I allowed to give students advice about not attending face to face lectures or classes?

Read the full UCU advice here

Crisis impact

News from the frontline as the impact of the crisis hits:

Last updated: 22 February 2021