Members working in further education in England have been getting a raw deal from their employers for too long. See how FE IS FIGHTING BACK!


Is a 1% pay rise all you're worth?

10 December 2018

Last week the Association of Colleges made an offer of 1% on behalf of employers - an insult which does not come close to recognising the work you do and which would widen the gap between your pay and schoolteachers rather than close it.

There is now just over a week left to vote in your pay ballot.

If you have not yet done so please send your vote back in the envelope provided.

The union's campaign shows that where we have taken action, employers have come up with a better deal. The latest example of that is the Capital City College Group where staff have just accepted a 5% deal, following strike action.

On Saturday in The Guardian, I expressed the hope that 'the current unrest will focus ministers and college leaders on doing more for the brilliant staff who transform millions of lives every year.'

However we cannot sit around and wait for the government and the employers to see the error of their ways. We need to show we are prepared to do something about your pay now. 

This means ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear in this ballot so please use your vote - and if you have lost your voting paper go here to get another. 

Thank you.

Matt Waddup 
UCU national head of policy and campaigns