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Talks update

6 March 2018

Latest on the Acas talks with the employers over changes to USS.


Talks have adjourned for the day and will resume again tomorrow.

For the avoidance of doubt strike action continues.

‚ÄčThank you again for your continued support.

Sally Hunt
UCU general secretary


The following communication is being sent by Universities UK to all affected institutions in regards to the imminent statutory member consultation:

Member consultation

USS employers will be aware that talks between UCU and UUK, facilitated by ACAS have been taking place since 5 March.

Alongside this activity USS employers will also be aware that the formal JNC decision on benefit reform was made on 23 January and remains in place until or unless the JNC decides alternative changes.

Statutory legislation requires that these proposed changes are consulted upon with members, affected employees and their representatives. The consultation commences on 19 March and is scheduled for 64 days.

This consultation process provides an opportunity for members and their representatives to put forward any proposals which they may feel have not been sufficiently considered.

Statutory information needs to be issued from employers to members by 16 March. Any previously suggested requirement that information be issued by 9 March is no longer relevant (this was a USS process date). An update will be provided to employers next week (by 14 March).

This consultation with scheme members does not signal that employers are not open to considering alternative proposals. Talks through ACAS will continue in parallel to the consultation process, if required. If a viable alternative proposal emerges from the ACAS talks then this could be introduced at a later stage.