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Equality webinars

Links to all UCU equality webinars held since July 2020 covering equality issues.

Decolonising our institutions

Liberating education begins with understanding the links between an imperial past and a corporatist present.

Creating a fully inclusive education system

For disabled people to be able to participate fully in all areas of society, requires a change to structures and strategies. Education is the key driver for these changes as we fight to protect our future.

Practical guide to equality bargaining

This online discussion is about putting equality at the heart of UCU's bargaining agenda.

Supporting migrant staff in education

From rising immigration costs to restrictive visa requirements, migrant members in colleges and universities face a set of unique challenges, many of which are being exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. Join members of the migrant members' standing committee and UCU's equality team for a discussion on how we can meet the needs of migrant members and campaign for change on key issues.

Systemic racism and how to survive it

This webinar identifies what we mean by 'systemic racism'. Speakers include colleagues from sister education unions including Michelle Codrington-Rogers, the first black national president of the NASUWT and UCU contributors from FE, HE and prison education. This webinar leaves members with clear strategies to both recognise and challenge systemic racism in all its forms.

Chair: Victoria Showunmi (UCU NEC, chair UCU BMSC and equality committee, vice-chair HEC)

Mapping LGBT+ progress

Reviewing Progress Towards LGBT+ Equality and Liberation to Date, and Looking Ahead. The first in a series of events focusing on progressing a LGBT+ liberation agenda now.

Black and disabled workers' health and safety

The Covid-19 crisis has seen particular challenges for black and disabled workers. ONS statistics found that between March and July 2020, 59% of all deaths involving Covid-19 during this period were disabled ('Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by disability status, England and Wales: 2 March to 14 July 2020') while black males are 4.2 times more likely to die from a Covid-19-related death and black females are 4.3 times more likely than White ethnicity males and females. (Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by ethnic group, England and Wales: 2 March 2020 to 10 April 2020).

This webinar looks at the issues facing black and disabled workers during the current pandemic and ways in which members can raise health and safety issues and use tools to ensure a safe workplace.

Decolonising 2 - capturing the student experience

In the second of a series of webinars on 'decolonising education', the black members' standing committee looks at the students and ex-students point of view on the curriculum. Black students have been asking why is our curriculum white and when will institutions decolonise themselves. Following on from previous discussions students and ex-students are asked to share their experience and ask how staff and students can work together to shape the agenda and create change.

Contributors: Sukhi Bath, Ilyas Nagdee, Nwanneka Osammor, Kemi Ryan and NUS President, Larissa Kennedy Chair: Julianna Ojinaka

Trans Awareness Week: tackling barriers to trans and non-binary equality

A look at some of the key challenges to trans and non-binary equality in post-16 education and beyond. Featuring a range of speakers drawing on personal experiences and academic research, the event considers how we can work together to help further trans and non-binary inclusion, equality and liberation at all levels, from the global to the local.

Day of action: organising disabled workers

Covid-19 has disproportionately impacted on disabled workers from being denied reasonable adjustments to being the first to be made redundant and in line with our theme for this year 'Organising for Disabled Workers' is a webinar to mark UCU's 3rd year of action for disability equality.

This event was chaired by Elane Heffernan, UCU NEC and chair of the disabled members' standing committee, with contributions from Themesa Neckles, vice chair of UCU disabled members' standing committee, Ann Galpin, co-chair TUC disabled workers' committee (NUJ) and Colleen Johnson (NEU). The webinar includes a BSL interpreter.

Day of action: everyday ableism

Ableism is discrimination in favour of non-disabled people. It is based on an assumption that the physical, cognitive and sensory differences with which disabled people live with are deficits, and it is rooted in the medical model of disability that assumes that disabled people need to be 'fixed'. It is manifest in physical, environmental and attitudinal barriers that exclude and stigmatise an entire group of people as 'less than'.

This webinar explores, what ableism is; recognising it and how to challenge it. The event was chaired by Themesa Neckles, vice chair of UCU's disabled members' standing committee with contributions from Elane Heffernan, NEC and chair of the disabled members' standing committee, Lucy Burke, NEC and disabled members' standing committee and Michelle Daley, Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE). The webinar includes a BSL interpreter.

Brexit and immigration: ask the lawyers

UK has officially left the EU and freedom of movement has come to an end, with major implications for EEA nationals living in the UK. This webinar has immigration experts at Bindmans LLP discussing about the new immigration arrangements for international staff, and how they might be impacted.

Community accountability and racial justice

An antiracism for abolitionist times: The webinar looks at the role education institutions play in perpetuating racism. Community accountability seeks to transform education from a system of state racism to a community resource. Join Gargi Bhattacharyya, NUS president Larissa Kennedy and Ümit Yildiz as we map out an organising plan to create a process of ongoing community accountability.

LGBT+ and mental health

This event focuses on LGBT+ mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic, parallels with the peak of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and why LGBT+ mental health is a union issue.

Last updated: 23 July 2021