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Building MP relations

Information and resources for branch/LA officers.

In the coming months it will be very important for UCU to have good links with Members of Parliament – on a local and national level.
The below letters are for you to download, fill in (modify if needed to suit local circumstances) and send to your new/returning MP. There is a specific letter for returning MPs and one for new MPs.
It is important that the chair/secretary/officers send this letter together and not individually. MPs office's are getting a lot of post at the moment so we don't want to overwhelm them with hundreds of letters.
If you are able to find your MPs constituency office address (try their website or local press for details), you should send this letter to your MP's constituency office. Many MPs are still without a Westminster office so sending it locally is the best route to take. If no constituency office is available, address the letter to: MP name, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.
The political team would really like to know who get in touch and wants to meet with us – make sure you keep us posted by emailing Political Liaison Officer (Westminster) Lisa Johnson on or calling 020 7756 2603.

Last updated: 21 May 2010