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Anti-casualisation committee

Representing UCU fixed-term and hourly paid staff and fighting the abuse of casual contracts throughout tertiary education.

Anti-casualisation news

A regular newsletter produced by UCU's anti-casualisation committee:

Committee members 2019-20

Cecily Blyther, Petroc (chair)
Amy Jowett, Hackney ACE
Claire Hurley, University of Kent
Christina Paine, London Metropolitan University
Elaine White, Bradford College
Gwen Vickers, Redbridge College
Jessica Jacobs, Queen Mary, University of London
Kevin McNerney, Open University
Millie Wild, New City College - Hackney
Pat Roche, Blackpool and The Fylde College
Rhian Keyse, University of Exeter
Syisha Francis, Sandwell College of FHE
Will Hornett, University of Sheffield
Pete Wood, Open University
Sam Morecroft, University of Sheffield (observer)

Committee secretary:

Last updated: 18 July 2019