Dr Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee)

Election address

Trade union service

USS negotiator on USS JNC for two years.

Nationally elected member of UCU national executive for 4 years.

Past President for Dundee AUT & Dundee UCU.

Member of Dundee UCU Committee for over ten years

Delegate to the UCU Congress

I am a member of UCU Left and an active supporter of Stand Up To Racism and Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in Economics in the School of Business, Dundee University

Transform UCU Scotland

I am asking you to vote for me, as UCU Scotland President and Marion Hersh as UCU Scotland Secretary, to ensure that UCU Scotland can also benefit from the transformation of UCU following the USS dispute. As elected negotiators for members on the USS JNC Marion Hersh and myself played an instrumental role in the transformation of UCU. I continue to ensure members' interests are paramount in the on-going USS negotiations. We must be accountable to the membership when they determine policy and seek to ensure policy is implemented by elected members.

Defence of Higher Education

The government is in disarray yet trade unions are not leading a fightback against their continued neo-liberal policies. At the same time the Tories are consciously using racism to divide opposition to their policies. Within HE, despite the existence of the Scottish Parliament, Scottish universities have not been immune from the ravages of fees, REF nor TEF. We need a UCU Scotland which uses its power to force the Scottish government to use its powers to remove the market from HE. We need a UCU Scotland that also takes an unflinching opposition to all forms of racism and joins with all those opposed to the Tories' policies.

Workloads and casualisation

Employers will not voluntarily deal with the use of excessive workloads or casualisation. We need to be prepared to take industrial action to ensure we have Scottish wide agreements on workloads and the ending of casualisation.

No Pay Cuts

We should not let pay-cuts (under the name of a below inflation pay awards or rising pension contributions) be imposed upon us. We should recognize pay cuts will weaken our ability to defend jobs. We should seek, therefore, to join with other trade unionists when they fight to put people before profit.


Higher education is rife with discrimination, whether that is of gender, race, disability, or in areas such as fixed-term contracts and hourly pay. UCU needs to lead the campaign against discrimination in all its forms.


UCU Scotland can play a much larger role if it is more proactive. UCU Scotland can help foster and lead the transformation of the union in Scotland.

Last updated: 1 February 2019