John Paul Sullivan (Warwickshire College Group)

Election address

I am standing as an independent candidate who will always put members' first.

The union faces real challenges both from government and our employers. Pay is being held down and we face Increasing workloads, more casualisation and the erosion of hard fought for conditions of service including our pensions.

This is the reality in my college and in yours as well.

I believe the most effective way to meet these challenges is by working together as a united and effective union that represents all its members.

My branch record shows that I know how to make gains for members even in these difficult circumstances. I have:

·       Organised a winning campaign to get members the pay increases they were owed.  Plus an 8 point pay scale.

·       led a successful boycott of lesson observation, including the development of one of the first ungraded lesson observation policies.

·       Opposed the use of public funds which should have been used for our students being used by our college to prop up a private company

But most important of all, I have ensured that individual members with a problem always have the union beside them in support.

I am currently in my second year on NEC and I have sat on both the Strategy and Finance committee, as well as two years on the Legal Panel.

As a teacher for nearly 25 years I know how important the work we do is, and how important it is that our professional voice is heard.

I am currently a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Warwickshire College Group which encompasses 7 sites in Warwickshire and Worcester.

There would be no greater honour for me than being elected by fellow UCU members to represent your interests.

If elected, I will be your voice, ensuring your issues and concerns are fully addressed by the national union. I believe our focus needs to be protecting and improving our members terms and conditions and empowering our members with strategies that will bring senior management and the AoC to the negotiating table.

Last updated: 1 February 2019