Naina Kent (Hackney Adult Education)


Election address

I am a student counsellor in Hackney specialising in progression to further and higher education for those most disadvantaged in education.

Experience in the Union

UCU Branch Chair 2013 Hackney Adult and Continuing Education.
Chair Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning (CALL) London 2008.
Founding member of Black Members' Network London 2016
London Regional Committee Equalities Representative
I am the Equality Officer at my UCU branch for the last 3 years
Supported members and attended UCU Equality Conferences
I attended UCU Congress for the last 2 years
UCU Black Members Standing Committee 2017
Member of UCU Left.

Equality for All

All equality areas need to be protected and fought for. In the era of austerity, and the growth of the far right, anti-Muslim racism, Trump, Grenfell, #metoo, and Windrush this is becoming increasingly urgent. We need united actions not just on bread and butter issues but on all areas.  

Equality Campaigns

The magnificent industrial action in universities and colleges shows that a serious fightback can deliver. Equality is at the heart of fightback in defence of education, jobs, pay and pensions.

I want to establish UCU campaigns that promote the fact that workplace racism can be tackled by the membership collectively. Too often Black members are left to challenge racism individually, by overloaded case workers and proving a case is difficult without collective support from the union. If elected I would support challenging employers directly for allowing policies that have a detrimental impact on all equality strands including Black members. 

A campaigning UCU - if elected I will

•  protect the working conditions and pay of UCU members
•  Campaign to end precarious employment that disproportionately impacts on Black and Women members. Permanent contracts for all casualised staff. End excessive workloads.      
•  Work with all in order to end austerity and defend the whole of post 16 education, involve the community to participate in advancing a vision of reversing discrimination.
•  Make sure Black members issues become more central in the union. 

If we are to address the challenges UCU faces, and defend educational access and progressive educational principles, we need to build strong branches and elect leaders who will fight to restore our pay and conditions, including a progressive Equality Charter to end unfair discrimination.


Naina Kent

Last updated: 1 February 2019