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University of Liverpool announces plans to get rid of 220 staff

22 March 2018

The University of Liverpool has announced plans to get rid of over 200 staff in an apparent move to improve the student experience. UCU said if the university wanted to improve the student experience it should talk to students and invest in their teaching.

Students surveyed by the Higher Education Policy Institute (P48) said if universities wanted to save money they should cut spending on "buildings" and "sports and social facilities". When asked what they should not cut, their top answers were "learning facilities", "teaching hours", "student support services" and "academic support".

UCU regional official Martyn Moss said: 'We are seeking more information on what exactly this will mean for staff and students at the University of Liverpool. We are unconvinced that getting rid of over 200 valuable and experienced teaching and research staff is the best approach to try and improve rankings for teaching and research.

'The university talks about improving the student experience. While universities may be obsessed with rankings, student surveys tell us that students want to see investment in staff and teaching to improve their experience. Any sensible university planning for the future would properly consult with its staff and students before making any kind of changes.'