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UCU comment on resignation of Toby Young

9 January 2018

Commenting on the resignation of Toby Young, UCU said it was right he has resigned, but that he never should have been appointed in the first place.

The union said the appointment of Damian Hinds as education secretary represented an opportunity to look again at the whole make-up of the Office for Students board. UCU said the board needed proper representation from staff and students.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: 'Nobody comes out of the Toby Young farce well. Of course it is right he has resigned, but he should never have been appointed in the first place. This whole sorry episode poses serious questions about the appointments to the board of the Office for Students.

'The furore surrounding Young has glossed over the fact that there is no real representation of staff or students on the board. Yet there is room for someone on a regulatory board from HSBC of all places, and also tax avoiders Boots.

'We welcome the message from the new education secretary that he is looking forward to working with staff in universities and colleges. If he is serious about working with the sector rather than against it, then looking at the make-up of this board should be one of his immediate priorities. We need to see proper representation from staff and students on the board.'