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UCU comment on UCAS figures

2 February 2017

Commenting on the latest UCAS figures that show a decline in the number of EU students applying to university and a drastic drop in people applying for nursing degrees, UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said:

'This drop in EU students strongly suggests that Brexit is damaging our universities' recruitment. Students from the EU need clarity and guarantees on costs and funding stretching into the future or naturally they will think twice about coming to study here. EU students have contributed to our universities' success and deserve better than to be used as pawns in negotiations about Britain's future.

'Such a drastic slump in applications to nursing courses shows the damage removing vital support for students can do. When the NHS is in crisis, the government is pursuing policies that are going to lead to fewer nursing graduates. The government must now accept its changes have had the opposite effect that it promised and bring back the support students need.'