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Precarious contracts in HE - institution snapshot

UCU has written to every university in the UK where the union has a branch asking them to engage with us in tackling the abuse of casual contracts.

We asked institutions to confirm that they were willing to eradicate any continuing use of zero-hours contracts and work with us in a joint review of the use of insecure contracts, informing that we intended to publish this report into the sector's practices.
In the tables below we have collated the results of this exercise alongside the available data on their use of various forms of insecure, precarious and casual contracts. We do not claim that this is authoritative as universities are not subject to rigorous reporting standards on their use of insecure contracts. However, this is based on available data that they have provided.
How to use the data:  You can use these tables to see how your institution ranks in a series of indexes of insecurity. You can examine the information we have collated for yourself for each institution and you can use it to ask questions of your own university, whether you are a member of staff, a student or just an interested observer.
How to understand the tables:  A full explanation of how to read these tables is included in the reports we have published alongside the data tables. You can read the reports here: Precarious work in higher education: a snapshot of insecure contracts and institutional attitudes, Apr 16 [503kb].

You can also read the latest report on our campaign against precarious contracts in HE and what the latest data reveals: Precarious work in higher education, November 2016 update [423kb]

Information Download the complete data file for more detail, including the full institution breakdown by grade: 2016-17 full data tables [304kb].

Data snapshot

Last updated: 14 June 2018