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Government must heed expert warnings over skills shortages, says union

24 June 2015 | last updated: 16 March 2021

Britain risks losing a key supply of skilled workers if the government does not row back from plans to decimate further education budgets, warns a new report.

The report's author, Professor Alison Wolf who also produced a government review of vocational education, warned that the further education sector faces possible collapse. UCU said the government had to listen to Professor Wolf's warnings and rethink plans to cut as much as 24% from the budget for adult education.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Alison's Wolf's report and comments about the future of skills training in this country should serve as a timely reminder to ministers about the importance of further education to our economy and society.

'The government must act now to protect education funding for adults or risk massive damage to our country's future prosperity, as well as the loss of individual life chances. The further education sector provides the skills the country needs and to make further cuts at this time risks cutting off that vital supply of skilled workers.'