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Universities who want to maintain status quo on new transparency rules are out of touch

9 April 2015 | last updated: 27 March 2020

UCU said today that universities opposing plans for better staff and student representatives on their key decision-making bodies are out of touch.

The union was responding to a report released today by the Scottish government that analysed the responses to its recent consultation on governance in Scottish universities and plans for a higher education bill.
The majority of universities that responded opposed votes for staff and students to elect chairs of governing bodies and dismissed the idea of trade union nominees having a seat at the top table. They also said they did not back the idea of expenses for chairs of governing bodies; a move proponents say will improve the diversity of people likely to apply for the post.
UCU Scotland official, Mary Senior, said: 'Universities who oppose the necessary reforms to how our universities are run look increasingly out of touch. The government, main opposition party, staff and students back change. We want to see trade unions and students given a seat at the top table and a say in how public money is being spent.
'We want to see far greater scrutiny of the key decisions in our institutions and we want the chairs of governing bodies to come from as diverse background as possible. Universities need to stop trying to block these progressive measures and accept the old way of doing things is done and greater transparency is now on the agenda.'