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UCU slams plans for university fees in budget review recommendations

29 July 2010

UCU slammed plans in the Independent Budget Review to reintroduce university tuition fees in Scotland. The union said the review, which also recommended 60,000 jobs be axed and a public sector pay freeze, had gone beyond its remit.

The union highlighted the fact that proposals for tuition fees or a graduate contribution could not be implemented in time to benefit universities within the spending review period.

UCU Scottish official, Mary Senior, said: 'Calls for tuition fees to be introduced in Scotland not only go beyond the remit of the review, but are also contrary to what the public wants and the political reality. The three members of the review are completely out of touch with the people of Scotland and have simply used the review to espouse their own agendas.

'Any changes to how much students pay for a degree, either before or after they graduate, could not be implemented to make any difference to the spending review period. We reject the cuts proposed by the review which we believe will leave Scotland at risk of a double dip recession as the country's spending power is decimated.'

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