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College threatens all permanent lecturers with the sack

9 October 2006 | last updated: 15 December 2015

Lecturers at City College Norwich, who are members of UCU, are incensed by attempts to use the threat of dismissal to force them to accept new contracts of employment.

The principal has sent letters to lecturers' homes stating that if they do not say 'yes' to the new contract by October 11, they will be given three months notice of dismissal.

The lecturers have voted to take a defiant stand by publicly binning the contracts outside the college's main gates on 10 October at 12.15pm.

The contracts include:

  • significantly increased teaching hours;
  • the complete removal of administration time for running courses;
  • an attack on working from home for marking, preparation and research;
  • pay cuts for some.

Andy Cairns, acting branch secretary at Norwich City College branch of UCU, said: 'Imposition of the contracts in January will be very disruptive for students because staff will leave or be sacked. There will be a lack of consistency as some lecturers have to take on extra classes whilst part-time staff have their contracts cut. Generally, staff will be overworked and demoralised.

'If the principal is really concerned about students, he will agree to put off any contract changes until September 2007 and use the time in between to reach an agreement without resorting to the threat of imposition and dismissal to achieve it.'

A lecturer, who did not wish to be named, said: 'Ask my students how hard I work. I am devastated by the insulting way I am being treated. I will not sign up to a contract that undermines the quality of the teaching my students get.'