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Outrage as Leeds University downgrades staff

19 June 2006 | last updated: 15 December 2015

Some staff at Leeds University stand to lose over £10,000 per year after they were downgraded through a flawed job evaluation process.

Leeds University management has written to around 100 members of academic-related staff informing them that their jobs have been downgraded (red circled) as a result of the job evaluation process implemented without union agreement. The slash in annual salaries will also have serious long-term implications for pensions.

Leeds UCU press officer Malcolm Povey said, 'The staff members singled out by the university are experienced, longstanding and invaluable members of staff and there is an outcry in the university about this. This mismanagement is highly damaging to Leeds University and its staff as a whole. We deplore this.

'The people involved have been unjustifiably attacked despite years of loyal service, in some cases having been specifically rewarded by the university at recent centenary celebrations.'

UCU at Leeds is now in dispute with the university and is considering industrial action over what it regards as a serious challenge to employment law.