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Fund the Future update for members

9 July 2020

A report this week from the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies made a 'central estimate' that higher education (HE) would face losses totalling £11bn because of Covid-19.

UCU has been pressing government for months to properly underwrite Covid-19 losses to protect jobs, academic capacity and our local communities. 

Thousands of members have already contacted their MP and more politicians every day are recognising the importance of HE for our recovery.

However time is running out and I really need your help today.

Will you take a couple of minutes now to help us make the case?

Click here to email your MP and tell them how important higher education is: ask them to fund the future.

Using our webtool is quick and easy and every message that politicians of all parties get from you helps build our case that universities must be protected.

Thank you for your help.

Please also encourage all your colleagues to write too by sharing our campaign website.