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UCU responds to Labour's lifelong learning announcement

Responding to the Labour Party's announcement of a new suite of measures to support adult learning in England, UCU general secretary, Jo Grady, said: 

"UCU welcomes Labour's wide-ranging package of measures aimed at supporting adults to learn throughout their lives - wherever, whenever and whatever best suits their needs. Breaking down the practical and financial barriers to education is key to ensuring that all adults and communities can access the skills and learning they need to thrive. 

"For too many years, adult learning has been a sorely neglected part of our education system and the failure of successive governments to invest properly in it has led to steep falls in student numbers and a huge loss of capacity and staff expertise.  UCU strongly supports the principle of a right for everyone to learn and wants to see colleges, universities and the hugely neglected adult education sector given the investment they need to help transform the life chances of millions of people. Today's announcements are a key step towards that goal."

Last updated: 11 November 2019