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Can I attend reps training whilst I am on sick leave?

No. If you have taken sick leave absence from work we advise you not to attend a UCU training course as you potentially may face disciplinary action if your employer were to find out.


The UCU programme brings high quality, accredited education and training to officers and reps through the TUC's partnership with trade union studies departments based in local FE colleges.

The programme is delivered by a combination of TUC trained tutors who are experienced trade unionists, professionally qualified and in the most part UCU members and UCU staff. Depending on the course on occasion there will also be some outside speakers.l


The modular (more than 1 taught session) courses are designed so that the content is linked between modules using additional pre and post course activities to give participants the opportunity to apply some of their learning between courses.

The course materials are regularly reviewed and revised with input from tutors and UCU staff to incorporate legislative changes; new government initiatives; UCU policies and feedback from previous participants.


All of our courses use an adult centred learning methodology which involves active discussion and group work to ensure group skills and experience are fully utilised so that participants learn how to solve problems and tackle issues using a trade union approach. Our aim is to give participants the confidence to return to their workplaces and take part in the work of the UCU branch with immediate effect.

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