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How do UCU courses run?


Our aim for each UCU course is to diversify the teaching methodology as much as possible to keep courses interesting and appealing to different learning styles within the group.

Each course typically will centre around an adult learning approach which involves active discussion and group work to ensure group skills and experience are fully utilised.

Participants learn how to solve problems and tackle issues collectively using a trade union approach. Opportunity to work individually is also considered as well as an increasing use of multi-media. Our aim is to give participants the confidence to return to their workplaces and take part in the work of the UCU branch with immediate effect.


The UCU programme provides high quality, accredited education and training to Branch Officers and reps through UCU's partnership with trade union education. The programme is delivered by TUC trained tutors who are experienced trade unionists, professionally qualified and in the most part UCU members as well as UCU staff. On occasion external speakers will also be invited to attend.


UCU courses are designed in a way to ensure as much practical application as possible. Typically, participants will be asked to complete pre and post course activities as well as use policies and procedures from individual work places as reference points.

The course materials are regularly reviewed and revised with input from tutors, UCU staff and feedback from previous participants to incorporate legislative changes; new government initiatives and UCU policies.

You can download a copy of the participant information sheet here:

Participant Information Sheet [104kb]

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