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What criteria are used by the Legal Support Review Panel in deciding whether to support in legal cases?

The union has decided that the most important criterion is that expenditure on legal casework must be proportionate to the objectives sought.

To achieve this the union will apply the following criteria in deciding whether to offer you legal services, and if it does so, what legal services to supply:

1.4.1 the objectives you seek to achieve and the suitability of legal processes to achieve them

1.4.2 the complexity and importance of the issues

1.4.3 the legal merits of your case

1.4.4 the costs (including opportunity costs) to the union of providing you with legal services

1.4.5 the aims, objectives and policies of the union

1.4.6 the significance of your case both to you and other union members

1.4.7 the resource implications for the union

1.4.8 whether alternative means of resolving your case are available.

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