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How do I apply?

There are different routes to use when applying for UCU legal support.

Employment cases

If you have an employment dispute you must normally seek to resolve it by contacting your local branch officers. If, with their assistance, you are still unable to resolve your dispute your branch officer will approach the regional office. You will be given guidance notes on what documentation the union's lawyers will usually require to be able to advise you. You will need to bear in mind that although local union officers are familiar with your dispute, the lawyer looking at your case will have no prior knowledge and therefore it is in your best interests to ensure that they are provided with a clear but succinct account of the dispute.

Personal injury

If you think you have a personal injury claim you may submit a claim online here. Or you can telephone our dedicated personal injury call line, 0333 2400 474 where an operator will take down your details and the details of your accident and pass them on to one of our approved panel firms. Alternatively you may email us at and one of our advisers will contact you to obtain the relevant information before making the referral to one of our panel firms.

Police enquiries

If you are asked to attend a police interview, you should immediately contact your regional office who will put you in touch with a lawyer who can accompany you to the interview. There is no application form. Legal assistance automatically ends however if you are charged with an offence. This is necessary to maintain your eligibility for funds from the State Criminal Defence Service. The lawyer we nominate will give you information about state funding.

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