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I have legal expenses insurance included as part of my household or motor insurance policy. Should I use these instead of the union's scheme?

Many domestic insurance policies will include legal costs insurance sometimes referred to as legal expenses insurance or LEI. This is also as referred to as 'before the event' insurance or BTE.

If you have such a policy we recommend that you notify your insurers of your potential claim in order to comply with any notification requirements under that policy. The notification period is normally 180 days but you must check your policy carefully.

In personal injury cases our lawyers will ask whether you have LEI. This is because of the rules which apply to CCFAs. However the fact that you have LEI will not prevent the union's lawyer representing you.

In employment disputes your LEI insurer may insist on appointing its own solicitors. Often, these will be solicitors who do not have the background knowledge and expertise of employment in further and higher education. Moreover, these policies may contain limitations on the benefits available. Although ultimately you must decide, the union's view is that our lawyers offer a better, more tailored, service to our members.
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