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UCU response to report on the USS pension scheme

6 February 2019

Responding to a report from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) on the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), UCU said much had changed in the 12 months since thousands of its members were preparing to take strike action at dozens of UK universities.

The union said its priority remained protecting members' hard-won pensions and that it believed the report from the Joint Expert Panel provided the basis for a resolution to the dispute.

UCU head of policy Matt Waddup said: 'This time last year UCU members at dozens of UK universities were preparing for an unprecedented 14 days of strike action to defend their pensions. We have come a long way from the damaging proposals that would have cost the average member hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost retirement income.

'The success of that action has resulted not just in those plans being removed, but also the setting up of the Joint Expert Panel. UCU believes the JEP report, unanimously supported by the panel, provides the basis for a resolution to the dispute and would urge all sides to continue to fully engage with its findings. Our priority remains to protect our members' hard-won pension benefits.'

Last updated: 8 February 2019