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UCU welcomes passing of the Higher Education Governance Bill

8 March 2016 | last updated: 9 March 2016

UCU Scotland today welcomed the passing of the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill in the Scottish Parliament.

The vote by MSPs reforms the way universities are governed in Scotland ensuring that they will become more democratic by allowing all staff and students to vote for the chair of their governing body.  In those universities where there is currently a rector then their role remains unchanged.  The introduction of elected chairs is something that the union has argued and campaigned for over many years.  The bill also ensures that governing bodies include representatives from trade unions and student associations.

UCU Scotland official, Mary Senior, said: 'We welcome the passing of this important bill.  Reforming university governance and making our universities more democratic, transparent and accountable is something that UCU has campaigned for over many years.  These changes will reconnect the way universities are run with those most affected by decisions - the staff and students - and allow our universities to remain the world leading institutions they are.'