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Universities get funding increases

11 September 2013 | last updated: 10 December 2015

UCU Scotland welcomes the marginal increase in cash funds. In the budget statement today John Swinney announced a cash increase of £19m, 2%, for universities in 2014/15 but only £2m, 0.2%, in 2015/16.

Scottish Universities will also receive increased funding as more students from the rest of the UK will pay fees for the next two years. However this tends to benefit specific universities and the union called on the government to ensure public funding was allocated equitably taking into account this funding stream.

UCU Scotland President, Dave Anderson, said: 'Considering the pressure on public finances this is a reasonable settlement for universities which will allow staff to concentrate on teaching and innovation, which can only benefit Scotland's society and economy. This funding should be allocated equitably taking into account the funding from other UK students.

'Further the combined funding will allow universities to make an increased pay offer to staff who have had real terms pay cuts for years.'