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LGBT 'campaigning for legislation and liberation' conference in London on Saturday

13 November 2008 | last updated: 11 December 2015

Key equality campaigners are amongst the speakers at a 'campaigning for legislation and liberation' conference being hosted by UCU on Saturday.

Linda Bellos OBE and crusading human rights activist, Baroness Ludford, MEP will both speak to delegates at the central London conference.
Other speakers include James Dougherty from the National Union of Journalists, Jonathan Fryer, Guardian journalist and author of the biographies of Dylan Thomas and Christopher Isherwood, and journalist, historian and political activist, Noel Halifax.

The conference will have a host of workshops and debates where delegates will discuss key topics including the single equality Bill; trans, religious, race and anti-discrimination legislation and bullying and harassment.
Young lesbian filmmakers Elle Sillinpaa and Cynthia Dixon will screen their new film on homophobic bullying in British secondary schools.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'UCU is proud to be hosting a conference looking at ways to improve legislation for LGBT people. It really wasn't that long ago that activists in education were fighting poisonous gagging orders such as Section 28. UCU members will continue to be at the forefront of the fight for equality and we are proud to be hosting Saturday's conference to provide activists the opportunity to debate the next steps.'

The conference is being chaired by Stephen Desmond, UCU national LGBT representative on the National Executive Committee, and equality officer for the London region.


Linda Bellos was the first black woman to join the Spare Rib feminist collective in 1981. She was vice-chair of the campaign to select black candidates within the Labour Party. She was elected Leader of Lambeth Council in 1986; one of the first black women to gain such a position.

Baroness Ludford MEP will address the conference about her latest campaign on EU-wide civil partnerships