Equality committee

About UCU's equality committee 2018-19

Chair:  Dave Muritu (Black members' rep - FE)

Vicky Knight, president 
Douglas Chalmers, president elect
Nita Sanghera, vice president
Steve Sangwine, honorary treasurer

Members elected to NEC equality seats:
Sue Abbott (Women members' rep - HE)
Pura Ariza (Women members' rep - HE)
Ariane Bogain (Women members' rep - HE)
Stephen Boyce (LGBT members' rep - FE)
Carolyn Campbell (Women members' rep - FE)
Elane Heffernan (Disabled members' rep - FE)
Emma-Jane Phillips  (Disabled members' rep - HE)
Ryan Prout (LGBT members' rep - HE)
Victoria Showunmi (Black members' rep - HE)
Elaine White (Women members' rep - FE)

Members elected by and from the NEC:
Christina Paine
Joanna de Groot

Meeting dates:

  • 2 November 2018
  • 8 February 2019

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Last updated: 3 October 2018