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How much money have institutions been granted by the government to pay for implementation of the framework agreement?

Since 2001, higher education institutions in England have received funds under the Rewarding and Developing Staff initiative. Within the funding for higher education £50m in 2001-02, £110m in 2002-03 and £170m in 2003-04 was allocated by the government for both academic and support pay.

The £170m awarded in 2003-04 was consolidated into core funding and an additional £48m awarded in 2004-05 under round 2 of the Rewarding and Developing Staff initiative was consolidated into core funding from 2005-06.

In January 2006 the Scottish Funding Council decided that from 2006-07 onwards it would embed in main formula grants resources for HRM modernisation - including implementation of the framework agreement. These recurrent resources are £25 million in 2006-07 rising to £30 million from 2007-08.

Figures for individual institutions can be requested from the university itself or the UCU's HE team can also provide a finance and pay datafile for individual institutions. Please contact Stephen Court for further information.

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