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Taking action in higher education

Defend Public Education - from cradle to grave

Saturday 7 February, Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel, 12 Upper Woburn Place, London

The union will be holding a major conference in London on the defence of public education on Saturday 7 February from (registration at 10) 10:30 till approximately 15:15pm.

This is the UCU's second annual Cradle to Grave conference on post-16 education. This year with the Westminster election less than three months away, the conference's theme is on defending education in an increasingly diverse and devolved political environment. Plenary speakers including writer Zoe Williams, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, and the doyen of political commentators Polly Toynbee will explore the key issues at the forthcoming election.

Workshops will showcase the latest UCU research on post-16 education policy in an ever more devolved British state, unequal access to further and higher education, research and development and the potential lobbying power of the post-16 education community.

The union has reserved 150 places for UCU members. We will pay reasonable travel costs in order to enable members to attend. Given the demand for places, we are limited to one member per branch on a first come, first served basis. If you reserve a place and subsequently cannot attend, please tell us as we can give your space to another member.

This conference is for UCU members and the allocation will be 1 per branch. The conference will be free and UCU will reimburse travel cost but regrettably not any overnight accommodation that might be needed.

During the day we will have 5 workshop running along each other and members can choose which one they would like to attend when registering. They are:

  • One size fits none? - post-16 education policy in the age of devolution
    This workshop will explore the changing shape of the British state and its impact upon post-16 education policy. Including recent developments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well as the EVEL agenda.
  • Education, education, education? - further and higher education and the Westminster election
    This workshop will explore what the post-16 education community has to do to be an effective lobbying force in the forthcoming Westminster election.
  • Admission all areas? - Reflections on fair access and social mobility in higher education
    This workshop will showcase UCU research on admissions policy in colleges and universities, discuss  good practice and professionalism in admissions and explore the relationship between social mobility and HE in FE.   
  • First they came for the teachers? - Michael Gove's attempts to re-master the teaching profession and its implications for society
    This workshop will examine the UK government's highly politicised agenda to reform Teacher Training in  England and its implications for parents, learners, colleges and universities.
  • Seeing the bigger picture' - the future of UK research and development
    This workshop will look at why research matters, at government's attempts to control and influence the research agenda and at international alternatives
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