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Brexit deal policy ballot

UCU support for a Brexit deal referendum

UCU members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the union supporting a referendum on the final Brexit deal negotiated by the UK government.

In a consultation, run for UCU by Electoral Reform Services (ERS), 29,499 UCU members voted and 89% said yes to the question 'should UCU support a referendum on the final Brexit deal negotiated by the UK government?'.

Read more here: UCU members overwhelmingly back referendum on Brexit deal

Throughout the ballot period, UCU members were invited to debate whether UCU should support a second referendum on Brexit - their contributions can be read below.

Thank you to everyone who voted and to those who contributed to the debate, whether making the case for or against.

Read more here about why UCU held this consultation

Guest posts

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The case for...

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The case against...

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Last updated: 24 October 2018