Marian Mayer (Bournemouth University)


Election address

I am Senior Lecturer in Learning Development, Bournemouth University  an active member of UCU since 2005, and UCU Left since 2016. My research investigates whether transformative education for Widening Participation and non-traditional students is possible within the context of the neoliberal agenda to dismantle public HE in the UK.  A main focus of my work is improving outcomes for non-traditional, WP and international students.

Branch positions I have held include:

·       Faculty rep - where I made significant gains for the working conditions of members

·       Equality Officer - where I was a key negotiator in formulating an Equality Impact Assessment agreement, successfully negotiated an accessibility policy for staff

·       Chair - led on consultations and negotiations to agree new and revised policies to protect staff, with a strong focus on equality and anti-casualisation

·       Vice Chair - where I led and continue to work with branch colleagues on Equal Pay Audits.

Current posts include:

·       Co-chair Bournemouth University UCU

·       Health and Safety -leading on workload and stress campaigns

·       Chair of the Southern Regional Committee - building on the work of previous Chairs to improve working conditions for members and strengthen the union.  My Regional role involves supporting members in FE and HE, and supporting organising and mobilising members.

·       Workload working group - addressing workplace stress

·       Actively working to reduce the 16% gender pay gap at my institution

Casework I have undertaken in the past 14 years has given insight into the increasing impact of bullying, harassment, discrimination and exploitative workloads, which disproportionately impact on women in the workplace. In particular I have successfully represented members seeking reasonable adjustments and agreements to allow them to meet caring responsibilities.

I also led my branch's negotiations on a review of key policies, securing important changes to protect members. In terms of anti- casualisation I led negotiations to agree a formula to convert HPL staff to substantive fractional contracts. Casualised staff (staff on HPL contracts) stand to gain from one of the best agreements across the sector.

As a mentor and panel member of my university's HEA Fellowship accreditation body I support colleagues in applications for fellowship at all levels, and have helped members to gain Senior and Principal Fellowship, pay progression and promotion.

The recent strike action in defence of USS in pre-92 universities showed how UCU can fight back magnificently to defend our conditions.  All sectors of the union need to learn from this experience.

If elected I will work to:

·       Protect and defend colleagues impacted by Brexit

·       End the pay gap in HE

·       Defend pensions

·       End all forms of harassment in the workplace

·       Fight for truly accessible campuses where children and family members are welcomed

With your vote I will strive to make a positive contribution on the NEC.

Last updated: 1 February 2019