Dr Paul Lunn (Coventry University)

Election address

I am a Senior Lecturer in Music Technology at Coventry University. I have been an active member of my local branch as an equality rep, Health and Safety rep, and have also been Disability rep for the West Midlands region for three years.

I have written serval motions which have been passed at both Congress and Equality conferences on reasonable adjustments and medical cannabis. I am particularly well-known for my striking collection of fabulous suits.

I have just finished my term on the Disabled Members Standing (Sitting) Committee and I am proud to say that I was elected vice chair for the last year. I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, Asperger's Syndrome, and hearing damage, and I use a wheelchair to mobilise. I am a member of Disability Labour and have been actively campaigning to get more disabled people in parliament. In the next general election, I will be an agent for my local Labour candidate for Nuneaton who is also disabled.

I am greatly concerned about mental health issues and the damaging effect that this can have on our members working lives. I would like to be your disabled representative on the NEC so that I can ensure that mental health is a top priority for UCU, and to continue to campaign on disability issues such as travel, reasonable adjustments, and accessibility of workplaces.

Last updated: 1 February 2019