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UCU responds to government announcements on student loan and fees

2 October 2017 | last updated: 24 October 2017

UCU has today responded to the government announcement that tuition fees would be frozen at £9,250 and the student loan repayment threshold raised from £21,000 to £25,000 by calling for more radical changes to secure the future of higher education funding.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: 'We of course welcome any measures which improve the financial situation of this generation of students who face lifetime debts of around £50,000 as a result of their studies. However, these latest proposals are simply sticking plasters on an inherently broken system.  Only through the abolition of tuition fees, fully funded by a fairer tax system, can we create a genuinely fair system which provides access to education for potential students of all backgrounds.'

 'The proposals mean that students still bear significant debts while business contributes little to the supply of graduates on which it relies. Any potential review of higher education funding would be an opportunity to address this and we will continue to engage with the government to put forward ideas for a fairer alternative to the current system.'