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Annual equality groups conference 2019

Equality conference

UCU's annual equality conference combines a joint equality conference for black, LGBT, disabled and women members as well as dedicated sessions for the four constituencies, joint sessions, various workshops and guest speakers.

Joint equality groups conference 2019

Thursday 21 November to Saturday 23 November (not all delegates will need to attend for the full three days)

As in previous years this will consist of a plenary session for all delegates, four separate equality group meetings, and workshops. There will be time for motions and nominations in each equality group. All sessions will have relevant guest speakers. There will be plenty of time for networking with other colleagues during the conference.

The joint plenary session will be on 'othering' which marginalises and devalues people based on their protected characteristic or class. There will be guest speakers addressing specific issues.

This will be followed by a session on how to progress equal pay claims in the workplace and identifying pay gaps for different equality groups.


The conference will be held at Conference Aston, Birmingham.

Please go to this page to get more information about the conference and to register for the conference.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday 23 October 2019

Important   Migrant Members' Standing Committee

At Congress 2019, it was agreed to establish a Migrant Members Standing Committee as part of the UCU equality structures. The two National Executive Committee seats for migrant members will be elected as part of the NEC elections that will take place in the autumn (election results in March 2020). A migrant members' conference to establish priorities and to elect the other 10 places to the committee will take place in the next year. This is to enable the committee and priorities to be established with the two NEC representatives in place. From Autumn 2020, the migrant members' conference will be part of the general equality groups conference.

Further information will be issued in the Friday email and be on the website. Please contact Helen Carr National Head of Equality and Participation for further information or advice.

Last updated: 18 September 2019